Top Notch Janitorial has roots that go back nearly 90 years.  Over that time the name has changed and the leadership has changed but the commitment to serving others has not changed.  In order to sustain a business for such a long period of time many people have to work with other people to establish meaningful relationships that benefit all of the parties involved.

Top Notch Janitorial currently enjoys serving a portion of our customer base going on 20 years.  In our modern society that type of loyalty is very hard to find.  Long term relationships are not easy as they have many ups and downs and twists and turns but there are some characteristics that help us succeed.

In trying to summarize what those characteristics are we have found that Jim Rohn’s “8 Traits of Healthy Relationships” is a good base.  Those eight characteristics are:

  • Love

  • Serving Heart

  • Honest Communication

  • Friendliness

  • Patience

  • Loyalty

  • A Common Purpose

  • Fun

If you value these traits and would like a partner that shares them then Top Notch Janitorial is the right partner for you.